Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pirate Linus

By "coincidence" Linus and I had our pirate shirts on last week and that called for a photo to memorialize the event. We couldn't quite get Linus and me to be ready for the picture at the same time. Here are the outtakes, but still the best pictures we have.

Linus wasn't ready for that first picture.

Linus entertains a friend

Two weeks ago Linus entertained his friend Derek.

Derek was three months old and Linus is 8 and a half months old, so entertaining consisted of Linus gently trying to figure out who and what Derek was, and Derek noticing motion.

After playtime comes naps for both.

They had a good day, and their mommies got to chat.

Friday, October 23, 2009

You and me and the baby makes...

Wonderful, wonderful compromises.

(via A Softer World)

Finding an appropriate babysitter

Where can I get one of those goats?

(via Wondermark)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Best (Worst) Baby Halloween costume ever

I am sure that you have seen this picture since it has appeared everywhere this season.

What a cute lobster baby ready in the pot. This is the best costume, although the baby seems annoyed. Besides, Linus wants to eat lobster not be lobster:

I always thought it was a tradition to dress infants up in the cutest costumes designed to make them look like something else edible. Some favorites of mine through the years have been the pea pod costume and the jalapeno pepper costumes that are so popular. Now that I have a baby to do this with, he is a little too old for the blob costumes, at eight months he is going to want to still be able to crawl around in whatever we put him in. Probably the zebra costume that mom found on sale for him.