Sunday, June 28, 2009

Linus likes the Newark Community band

On Thursday Lynn and I took Linus with us to hear my old band, the Newark Community Band (caution rude window resizing flash site, but its all they got) play at Bellevue State Park north of Wilmington. Before you go thinking rock and roll, stop your jump to conclusions and think concert band. I used to play the tuba. I missed hearing all of the old concert band standards and so we went to see them. They did not disappoint. You can see that Linus had a great time.

Mood one plus tongue.

Mood two looking up, plus tongue.

Mood three, intense concentration on the music, with tongue.

He is so preppy hipster with his khaki shorts, blue shirt and bucket hat.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Linus likes the Pirates

I went to school in Pittsburgh so I have a residual attachment to the Pittsburgh sports teams. Linus' godmother was in Pittsburgh to see her team play the Pirates, and acquired some fan attire for Linus. Linus likes the Pirates (the baseball team, but also the other kind, and he is also a Phillies fan).

Every parent hopes that their child will grow up to like the same sports teams as they do, but I realize that when Linus grows up he will have to make his own decisions.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Linus is preppy

For Father's Day Linus was wearing a new onesie with polo shirt top. Because he is so preppy he turned up his collar to be cool like the other kids.

I remember when having the collar turned up on a polo shirt was cool and preppy, then it wasn't, now I think it is cool again. Or one could follow the other interpretation where various factions have their collars tuned up or down based on complicated rules of fashion and cliques.

Are upturned collars cool again?

Linus loves Math

I snapped this photo of a surprised Linus wearing his new "I heart Math" onesie. Of course the heart is a three dimensional plot of a heart using a complicated formula. Perhaps is expression is from trying to figure out the formula.

(Onesie available from Neatorama)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Someday there will be road trips

I can only hope that this is the argument in the car someday when Linus is older and we take him on a road trip.

All parenting should be this philosophical.

(via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Linus the Strongman

One more thing I thought of when Linus wears his striped outfit is the old fashioned strongmen from the circus. Though they often wear leopard prints and other colors as well.

Contrast with Linus the Strongman with dumbbell.

Here Linus is doing some lifts with his dumbbell rattle.

Though not as deadly as the other rattle, this one is still a little to heavy for him so he usually puts it down after a lift or two.

Some strongman he is. We are not likely to increase his regiment until he is ready. There are other strongman babies as well.

Linus loves Engineering

You can't quite see the I next to the heart enclosing gear, but Linus is sporting his new I Love Engineering onesie, fancy hat and an engineering attitude at a friend's first birthday party.

As usual that outfit didn't last long. Here he and mommie are changed into evening wear for the second half of the cook-out.