Thursday, September 8, 2011

Linus sends a message

I am not sure where he got this from but last night suddenly Linus wanted to send me a message.  I suppose he has seen us send text messages or discuss it so he wanted to do one.

He was playing at the computer and out of the blue says, "Daddy, I am gonna send you a message."  he furiously types at the keyboard, then stands on the chair and "grabs" an imaginary something from behind the monitor and then mimes throwing me the message.   Across the room I catch the message, open it up like it is a little piece of imaginary paper and read it, "It says Linus loves Daddy.", and we all laugh.  We spent the next half hour throwing imaginary messages back and forth.  Some to Lynn, which read "Linus loves Mommy".  I supplied the reading of the messages, since Linus wasn't to clear on their content, he was more interested in the typing and sending. 

He has a good imagination.