Monday, April 8, 2013

Modern Design and Toddlers do not mix

A great blog post suggesting that some of the hallmarks of mid-20th century modern design may not be compatible with children, or at least children that you want to keep alive.

Some of my favorites:

Falling off the ledge and then getting stuck in that rocky nook underneath.

These stairs have no hadlrail!!  Linus at least is good in holding onto the handrail at our house, but these steps would be a temptation to disatser even for me.

I would love to have a rock formation like this in my living room, but not the steam cleaning necessary to get the blood stains off of everything when the inevitable accident happens.

Granted living on Shellpot Creek with the four foot waterfall right in our backyard as a continuing attraction is just as incompatible.  Linus is learning to navigate the creek and rocks safely, perhaps he would be OK in these modern homes.

(via BOINGBOING via projectophile)