Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Linus the Sailor

Linus has a sailor hat in a dress up box that Lynn put together for him and his friends on his birthday. He looks pretty smart in it and loves to out it on and take it off again. He will delightedly crawl around with it own his head as well.

Smooshing the hat.

And then putting it on and off.

I just hope he doesn't get those swollen forearms like Popeye. But we could get him a sash and scimitar like Sinbad, but that is a separate sailing tradition from the hat he has. Anchors away Linus.

Dress like Linus day - gray shirt and jeans

Every so often Linus picks out a nice outfit for the both of us. He decided on a gray shirt and jeans two weeks ago and so I followed suit.

I am not sure why he was gesturing to the camera like that, he does that a lot now, it his universal gesture for "take me there" or "I want that to investigate it".

Hand crafted Elmo baby hangers

There was many a time when Linus was this little that it was hard to hold something over his playpen or bouncy seat that would keep him happy for the hour that he wanted it. I don't think I ever stooped to coat hangers, but I now realize that I could have.

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