Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tub-o-babies, for your convenience

I did not know that Tub-o-babies was available yet, I thought it was still in marketing trials.

From Reuters:
Seven babies sit in tummy tubs filled with water to cool down after a baby massage class held for young mothers in IJmuiden March 24, 2009. The "cooling down" segment is to simulate a womb-like environment for the infants to experience the warmth and comfort.
I did not know there was such a thing as baby massage, let alone a cooling off time in a tub. Given my two month experience with children, I expect that there is some peeing on in there. Closer examination of the pictures shows one ready to cry, two annoyed and four quizzical.

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crista said...

Oh my goodness, cutest picture ever! It makes me want to put Julia in a tub! I don't know if she'd enjoy the massage.....