Friday, August 21, 2009

Linus inspects poultry at the State Fair

We try to time our trip to Escanaba to coincide with the Upper Peninsula State Fair when possible. Then we get to inspect livestock and watch auctions and see 4H displays, all of the fun stuff that happens at State Fairs. I guess the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has one because the one on the lower peninsula would be so far away. The UP (as it is called) is practically another state when you think about it.

Linus enjoyed the displays. I don't know if a six month old really understands what he is seeing, but Linus seemed to like the different shapes and movements of everything. Here is Linus critically judging some poultry.

He inspected pheasants, chickens, ducks, turkeys. The poultry was more interesting to him because they move. The rabbits were just lazily lying there.

We will see if we can get him an FDA license to get paid for his inspections.

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