Sunday, May 16, 2010

Linus learns to fly a kite

Do you ever think about flying a kite except on windy days? Neither do I. Last weekend it was very windy, and that put in my mind that it would be fun to try to fly a kite, especially as Linus loves the outdoors and might like running around with the kite in the air.

It was in fact too windy to fly kites. The instructions on Lynn's kite say the kite can stand between 5 and 18 mph winds and we were in the 40 mph range last week. Three out of the four kites we brought were completely incapacitated by the string winds and especially gusts.

That being said, I was able to get my rocket kite with 12ft streamer in the air, though it has a tendency to dive to the ground from great heights if it is too windy. Once it was up I handed the reigns to Linus. He was more fascinated with the fancy kite string winder than the kite, but he held on. That's more than I can say for Lynn; when she let go on her turn I had to go chasing kite and string across the field.

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