Wednesday, May 4, 2011

World's Saftest Crib, made from DuPont Corian®

A Corian® crib at The Mexican Museum of Design (warning horrible, useless flash website) was chosen as the Mexican public's favorite piece in the exhibition "Transform your ideas with Corian®". The design was presented as the World's Safest crib.

The crib is made of Corain®, obviously, and the article talk about it's design being possible because the material is thermo-formable.

I do like the ability to have the "bars" be evocative of branches and flowers and be uneven instead of just straight. It looks expensive though. Sure it is thermo-formable or can be cut this way but I would imagine that both materials and setup of a mold would be very expensive unless you made many cribs.

This design is by architects Jihei Aoki, Alejandro Cortes, Carlos Gonzalez and Constanze Martens.

The description describes and lists the safety attributes:
  • Safe because it is hypoallergenic.
  • Safe because a child's heads or arms cannot get stuck in the crib
  • Safe because is easily cleaned

I have to admit that I like it for it's design and look, but I am not too concerned with the other safety attributes except that it meets the appropriate level of safety for a child's crib.

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