Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raising a tough kid

I am sure that Neatorama's guide to raising a tough kid is an approach that will land you in trouble with child protective services or in jail. Perhaps they are being tongue in cheek. Some ideas I have commented on previously (the smoking pregnant woman concerned about noise pollution's effect on her unborn baby for instance).

This art piece is entitled Mama Tried and is by Jack Daws.

Does it keep the baby in or us out? From the tilt of the barbed wire I would say keep us out, but the cage inside is electrified so maybe that is keep baby in. Any comments on interpretation?

This stroller and bassinet would suit a Klingon, Kapla!(created by Chinese artist Shi Jinsong)

I guess juxtaposing dangerous design elements on objects that are intended for children or babies is a popular art trope these days. How shocking!

The recent increased kid and baby focus at BoingBoing and Neatorama has provided much fodder for Childhood Antics.

(via Neatorama, some via Invizible Red)

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