Friday, July 10, 2009

Linus turns over - sometimes

Linus' new trick (learned a few weeks ago) has been to roll over from his back to his front. He then is "stuck" in this position and enjoys it or tolerates it for some time and then calls to us to turn him back over. It has become a bit of an aggravation at night since he crams himself up against the crib bars (with breathe-through net for some cushion) and then wakes himself up, changing a baby who slept through the night to one who screams all of the sudden at 2am. We have been waiting for him to master the next step of turning from front to back again so that he can right himself and be more comfortable. He is finally starting to do that again. An example is in the too dark video below. Since Linus has been doing all of his growing up and hitting his milestones while I have been at work, mommy graciously films them for me later.

Careful readers may recall that, in March he had already demonstrated the ability to roll from back to front. But since then he has apparently forgotten how to. I have a theory that the head weight and arm strength grow at different rates and that in March he was at an optimal range in which to roll over even if it was accidental. Then he grew out of these constraints, head to big maybe or arms to weak, until now where he is almost able to do it again giving the motivation. At least now he will probably have more control over it.

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