Sunday, September 13, 2009

Linus is crawling

Linus' adventures on vacation must have stimulated him to achieve new milestones in babyhood because the Saturday (8-29-2009) two days after we arrived home he suddenly decided to crawl across the living room floor. This was an unusual Daddy first and not a Mommy first, and I was glad to see it. The first thing he crawled toward was my Science magazine that I was reading (sometimes to him). He's going to be so smart. We captured a fourth attempt on poorly lit video, a "run" after the remote control.

The parental panic caused by this sudden increase in mobility forced the immediate completion of Linus' playroom. That day we went and got the carpet.

Mostly Linus' crawling is not the official crawling on all fours. he gets up on all fours, revs up by rocking back and forth, and then... drops his back legs and kind of army crawls with his arms across the floor. I have thought about putting barbed wire across the living room in a grid about 2ft off of the floor to complete the simulation. I have high hopes that he will crawl on all fours the regular way soon, perhaps in the week when he abandons it all together and starts trying to stand and walk.

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crista said...

Why do they always love remotes? And they're smart, too. They don't want the remote for the DVD if you're watching cable. It's uncanny!