Sunday, September 13, 2009

Linus loves his playroom

We have a room on the first floor that we have been using as an "office" though the correct term would be room of junk, since a computer, some bookshelves, and the pile of bills do not make an office. We had always intended to make this room a playroom for Linus, because it was on the first floor and near everything especially the kitchen, which would make keeping an ear and occasionally eye on him easier, and we could safe the room more than others so that he could be in there without us watching him every minute for a little while.

The playroom idea was strongly suggested to us by friends with kids and tons of toys but no separate space to put them in. Thus their whole house is the playroom. I have also seen other examples of playrooms with the lucky child user unable to put his feet down without stepping on a beloved toy, but safely floored with a cushy mat for more intense play. That's a playroom that is a necessity.

After Linus' sudden increase in mobility we realized that we needed that room stat. There were hints that Linus was going to start crawling soon on vacation so when we arrived home for the home and chores part of the vacation we started the final clearing of the room. We went and found a soft carpet with extra cushion for crawling on. We blocked all the outlets and we have one safety gate and are waiting for some consignment sales to cover the other door. Now more rooms are junk rooms but Linus' seems to like his playroom.

Linus loves his playroom.

The full playroom, enhanced by Linus' presence.

The pictures above also show Linus' enhanced mobility because he crawled to those toys to play with them and he sits up more and will hold himself up with his hands to play om his stomach.

Of course, he likes it best when we are in there with him, which defeats the goal of giving him a safe place to play by himself, but we made it comfortable enough for us to lie down there on the floor and play with him.

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Aunt Bex said...

Being one of the honored to see and get to play with Linus in his new playroom...I can say that I was a little jealous & plan to put one in my own house (I don't have kids but lot 'o kitties). Who am I kidding; my whole house is a “cat-playroom”. Okay, this isn’t about me so back to the great room. My favorite part of the room is the plush carpet that screams for bare feet! I know Linus will love scrunching his toes into it once the walking/running starts.
Question: When do the Legos get into the room? I know it will make a needed addition to the decor!