Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Teaching Klingon to the baby.

BoingBoing references a story about a linguist who attempted to teach Klingon as a first language to his son. He only spoke Klingon to the child for the first three years of his life. The father thought that his son was really starting to pick up the language. Although it appears that it didn't stick, from the article:
"As for Speers, who still gets nostalgic when he recalls singing the Klingon lullaby “May the Empire Endure” with his son at bedtime, the experiment was a dud. His son is now in high school and doesn’t speak a word of Klingon."
Speers, the linguist, puts his skills to work at a company called Multilingua, which writes translation software for more common languages, and also Klingon.

In a similar experiment I "speak-a to Linus, ina da brokena English, so dat he canna learna da' Italian of-a my ancestors", or I "talk with zee Fwench accent, ah, hah, hah ,hah". I am not sure it is working. Every day I myself fight the urge to turn my child raising into a grand sociology experiment. I suppose only an ethics board review and jail time keep me from enacting this dream.

(Klingon stroller and bassinet from this post)

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